6 on 4 – Shiveh Degardis Studio

The context should be read in various directions which might be perceived even contradictory. The result of reading them simultaneously is inevitably complex. The approach of “Six on Four” to resolve this complex and comprehend it as a mere solid issue, is to adopt a methodology to directly respond to every single conflicting problem, compiling the answers and combining them by applying creative and effective solutions.

In this way, it can serve the interests of a larger group of direct and indirect stakeholders. Hence, it stands in-between, as a mediator between the design and diagram, strategy and development. This mediation is important in all aspects; Duality of external user (city) and internal user (home) on the one hand and the subject of criticizing the hierarchical power of the issue of height in high-rise buildings on the other. Could the housing units in lower floors have distinguished spatial value? Integrity is what has been sacrificed here.

“Six on four” reflects the existing dualities in the context with its self-sacrifice. The physical reason for such duality that is demonstrated in height, is the existing neighborhood. The lower part faces inwards, dialoguing with the immediate adjacent texture, and is porous to harmonize with the urban landscape and mitigate noise pollution. In upper part, the shape of this dialogue changes; similar to other high-rise apartment blocks, it is formed as an integrated mass which besides receiving great light and view, it also goes beyond the definition of in-fill design and responds to multiple challenges in the design of apartments such as side views.