Visiting Ara Shamiran Entrepreneurs Charity

Corporate social responsibility is a set of duties and obligations that a company must fulfill in order to preserve, care for, and assist the community in which it operates. Nexalife has committed to its social responsibility and has decided to take its first steps by collaborating with the charity organization, Karafarinan Ara Shemiran. Karafarinan Ara Shemiran was registered in 1394 with the number 38431 and obtained a license from the Welfare Organization. It aims to empower young people and adolescents who have been separated from their families due to circumstances and have spent a period of time in care centers and foster families. After turning 18 years old, they were required to leave those centers without having an effective supporter and be present in society. Our extensive experiences in various fields have taught us that the key to social effectiveness is focusing on raising the level of perception and awareness in the target community. With this belief, we have established the first employment academy in the field of vulnerability in the country to create a platform for our youth to become aware of their personal development path and capabilities. By acquiring behavioral and technical skills, they can become self-sufficient and contribute to society.