Grando residential hotel


Region: Zaferanieh
Usage: Residential
Number of employees: 12
Total floor area: 5200 square meters
Manufacturer: Nexa Investment Group
Architect: Alireza Taghaboni
Number of floors: 9

Grando luxury complex is located in one of the best parts of Zafaranieh neighborhood in Tehran and adjacent to Saad Abad historical complex. This complex is residential and was put into operation by Nexa Investment Group in 2019. This building has 5 units. The special design of which has been done with a special focus on the peace and comfort of the residents, along with originality, splendor and modernity. The location and positioning of this project has been chosen in such a way that the beautiful and green landscape of Zaferanieh region can be seen even from the lower floors of this project. This project has some other distinguishing features such as: Luxury and modernity, pleasant weather, greenness and low traffic in the region. This has made Grando one of the best architectures in the region. Nexalife Company, as a subsidiary of Nexa Investment Group, as one of the reliable companies in the field of supply and maintenance of modern complexes in Tehran, is responsible for the management of this luxurious complex.