Constitution and Internal Regulations of Residential Complexes

Nexalife intends to address important and necessary topics in the constitution and internal regulations of residential complexes as a pioneer in the field of management and maintenance of residential complexes. Generally, the constitution and internal regulations of residential complexes should include the following:


Chapter 1: Specifications

Chapter 2: Elements of the Complex:

A. General Assemblies

B. Formation of General Assemblies

C. Functions and Authorities of Annual General Assembly

D. Functions and Authorities of Extraordinary General Assembly

E. Board of Directors

Chapter 3: Financial Affairs of the Complex

Chapter 4: Rights and Duties of Owners

Chapter 5: Execution of Building Operations and Interior Changes in Complexes Chapter

6: Expenses, Fees, and Taxes Related to Common Areas and Their Collection

Chapter 7: Reserve Fund for Replacement and Renovation

Chapter 8: Transfer, Lease, and Right of Use and Residence

Chapter 9: Complex Insurance

Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Regulations Internal Regulations:

Part 1 – General Principles

Part 2 – General Conditions

Part 3 – Offences

Part 4 – Miscellaneous Regulations