Facilities and Common Areas Management

Nexalife is ready to establish a specialized team to maintain and manage all mechanical and electrical equipment and facilities based on engineering principles and be a trustworthy custodian of owners’ significant investments in this sector. Most new complexes, including hotels, large residential, commercial, and administrative complexes, utilize new technologies in mechanical and electrical systems. The sensitivity and high cost of these equipment require them to be managed and maintained by knowledgeable and experienced specialists. Current engine rooms are not designed to be operated and maintained by individuals whose expertise is limited to the experience of engine rooms and heating systems. The management of new equipment, including various chillers, condensing boilers, smart systems, etc., necessitates the supervision and control of engineers who have been educated in universities, and are familiar with current knowledge. Facilities and common areas management refers to a set of activities and operations aimed at preserving performance, efficiency, control, and increasing the lifespan of the equipment and facilities. This includes planning and control for corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance. The benefits of managing and maintaining facilities in a complex include:

Reducing the prices paid for repetitive correcting and fixing, which is because of better usage of items. Increasing the overall quality of facilities in terms of preventing possible errors that are caused by malfunctions. Putting together a modern and united system that verifies the standards in repairs and restorations. Optimizing the costs of maintenance and managing in the long term.