Guidelines for using the pool and sauna area

Nexalife, as a pioneer in the field of management and maintenance of residential complexes, intends to provide necessary guidelines for the use of pool and sauna facilities in residential complexes.

In general, the guidelines for using the pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna should include two main aspects:

1. Responsibilities of the user:

– First, scheduling exclusive usage:

The use of public sessions does not require prior reservation on specified days. However, for using dedicated sessions for each residential unit, it is essential to make a reservation in advance. Reserving a dedicated session can be done through two methods:

a) Reserving via the application

b) Contacting the concierge and making a reservation

It is necessary to coordinate with the concierge by phone or in person before arriving at the designated time.

– Second, attention to hygiene practices:

Observing hygiene practices can alleviate concerns and issues for fellow residents when using the pool. Proper personal hygiene can help prevent the transmission of contagious diseases. The responsibility for maintaining health and incidents within the pool lies with the residents themselves, and the complex manager and board members have no liability in this regard.

 2. Responsibilities of the complex manager:

– The complex manager should carry out actions related to the maintenance and upkeep of the pool and its technical facilities according to the management and operational schedule of the complex, and document the results of their actions in their daily reports.

– After each session, the cleanliness of the pool is inspected by the service staff, and necessary measures for maintaining its cleanliness are taken when needed. Please note that this translation is a general interpretation of the text. Some context-specific details may have been lost in translation.