Guidelines for using the rooftop garden

Nexalife, as a pioneer in the field of management and maintenance of residential complexes, intends to provide the necessary guidelines for using the rooftop gardens of residential complexes in this area.

In general, a roof garden or green space on the rooftop (whether on the back of a building or in a courtyard, etc.) refers to an area where greenery is implemented on the roof surface. The planting bed is created on an artificial substrate at an elevation higher than ground level. The rooftop garden is a common space belonging to all residents, and its use is free for all residents of the complex, including tenants and landlords, provided that the mentioned rules are observed.

In general, the guidelines for using the rooftop garden can be explained in three components:

1. Regulations for scheduling and delivering the space for exclusive use of the rooftop garden

2. Responsibilities of the user unit

3. Responsibilities of the complex manager