Lobby attendant’s duties

Nexalife, as a leading provider of lobby services and guest hospitality, intends to highlight the responsibilities of a lobby attendant in this field. The lobby receptionist is a person known as the lobby man or lobby woman. This individual acts as a coordinator and also serves as a guide for residents, guests, and the board of directors of the complex, ensuring their peace, comfort, and security.

The lobby man or lobby woman, with knowledge and awareness of the conditions and characteristics of the common spaces of the complex, and with full adherence to the principles of hospitality and professional communication skills, introduces the facilities and services available in the common areas while welcoming visitors and also responds to inquiries from visitors. Being a lobby attendant is a professional job, and the person present in the lobby must have the necessary knowledge about the safety, health, and security issues related to their job. They are responsible for guiding guests to hospitality areas and residential complexes, as well as receiving and returning the deposits of guests in residential complexes.

Lobby personnel, managed by Nexalife, acquire the necessary qualifications (competencies, communication skills, safety, health, and security knowledge) in this field through specialized training courses, so that they can professionally and adequately perform their assigned tasks in buildings under the supervision of Nexalife. The working hours of lobby personnel at Nexalife are in day and night shifts, in the form of 12/24 shifts (12 hours of activity and 24 hours of rest).