Nexalife solutions

. Designing and implementing efficient management systems.
. Branding
. Making a schedule for using shared areas.
. Action plans, guidelines and executive methods, checklists and specific standards for providing services​.

. Maintaining standards and in-service training​
. Work evaluation and division of work
. Documentation and archiving

Commercial complexes:

Managing discipline
Hotels and tourist complexes:

Managing the launching and operation of accommodation and hospitality buildings, including hotels and restaurants; this task includes: Planning the provision and completion of infrastructure and equipment, selection and organization of human resources, preparing and piloting the standards related to providing services, measuring the quality of service delivery, etc.
Nexalife application:

By installing Nexalife application, experience your ideal life in an easy and modern way.
1. Managing information and interactions
2. Management of receiving orders and requests from residents
3. Monitoring and evaluation management
4.  Managing payments and expenses
Documenting and archiving:

Protecting complex documents in the administrative, technical and facilities departments for residents and board of directors.

Providing a set of principles and formats in all items used in the complex, including staff uniforms, office items, equipment and… which are the same in all the places of the complex.