Management of utilizing residential, office and commercial complexes

Setting up and establishing a management system including rituals, care and maintenance, neatness and cleanliness, rules for the use of common areas in buildings managed by Nexalife are carried out.

Providing management services:

-Organization of general assembly and board of directors

-Implementation of approvals and orders of the board of directors

-Monitoring the maintenance and management of facilities

-Follow up on charging residential units and manage costs

-Supervising the maintenance of green space and the beauty of the building

– Supervising the provision of welfare services to residents according to their needs

– Surveillance the safety and security of residents and buildings

– Management of human resources

– Preparing reports and documenting actions

– Estimating complex management costs and determining the amount of basic charge to residents

– Estimating the requirements and costs of additional facilities and equipment

Integrated Management
         Systematic Communications
Management Of Shared Areas
   Admission procedures and traffic management:

-Receiving and welcoming residents and guests
-Observing and monitoring shared areas
-Following up on charges and demands of the board of directors and residents
-Face-to-face and telephone interactions with residents
-Recording and writing reports about the daily events of the complex
-Accompanying residents and guests
-Delivering packages and carrying goods of residents and guests
General bellhop services:

-The residents of the complexes hand over
-and receive everything at the door. Travel suitcases, goods bought daily,
-Foods and drinks, parcels and envelopes are delivered to the unit by the trained bellman.
     Management of neatness and cleanliness:

-Cleaning the lobby of the tower with a scrubber on a daily basis, dusting accessories and furniture, cleaning the glasses​
-Cleaning the lobbies on each floor​
-Cleaning elevator cabins daily​
-Cleaning the external areas of the tower​
-Cleaning sports halls ​​and entertainment venues​
-Washing parking lots with a scrubber​
-Collecting garbage from the doors of the units…​
Accounting services:

-Managing treasury and funds for the board of directors
-Recording the account of incomes and expenses and keeping balance sheets, and doing banking affairs of the complex…
       Taking care of buildings and facilities:
-Taking care of cooling and heating systems, water supply network
-Having the Diesel generator serviced and taking care of it
-Managing CCTV cameras
-Troubleshooting central antenna systems
-Taking care of electricity and lighting facilities
-Managing and taking care of the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and green spaces
-Keeping the facade of the building clean
General Catering:

Doing a short half-day and evening catering with tea, Nescafe, chocolate, biscuits and sweets for the residents and their guests in the lobby; public sessions of the pool, cinema, gym and spa according to the daily schedule
   Managing employees and contractors:
-Organizing and dividing the tasks of the employees in the complex
-Work measurement and evaluation of the performance of the employees
-Selecting and introducing excellent contractors to provide services in the complex
-Monitoring the work of service contractors…
Using welfare and recreational places:

-Reservation (planning, determining conditions and providing a schedule for residents to use shared facilities and services, including roof garden, swimming pool, cinema, gym, spa, etc.
-Preparing and providing supplies for the use of complex amenities
-Cafe lounge services
  Continuous monitoring and surveillance:

-Taking care of the entrance and exit of the parking lots of the tower
-Taking care of the external environment surrounding the tower
-Monitoring and controlling the security of all internal and external areas of the tower by CCTV cameras
-Preventing strangers from entering the lobby before authentication
-Inquiring about the mission of the police or security agencies before entering the lobby
-Crisis management during natural disasters, especially earthquakes…
  Managing technology and virtual service:

-By designing and producing the Nexa Life application, the following services are provided online and virtually in each of the complexes.
-Informing people virtually, conducting surveys, communicating and interacting
-24-hour on the social media of the residents of the complex/ receiving orders and requests from the residents/
-providing monitoring, financial and administrative reports/ Recording payments and expenses
Health and safety services:​

​Daily control of the internal and external areas of the towers based on health guidelines/ filing of personnel health records and periodic controls through medical tests/ Health monitoring of the sports, welfare and reception areas of the tower/ controlling the chlorine level and pH of the pool water/ Controlling the quality of the water of the pools/ Controlling the function of the fire extinction system and firefighting capsules, building safety, kitchen safety, safety of the sports and welfare areas/ ​Controlling the personal hygiene of the personnel/ Controlling the hygiene of the kitchen
Using welfare and recreational areas:​

-Reservation (planning, determining conditions and providing a schedule for residents to use shared facilities and services, including roof garden, swimming pool, cinema, gym, spa, etc.
-Preparing and providing supplies for the use of complex amenities
-Café lounge services