Setting up a swimming pool and Jacuzzi

One of the most important issues that emerge after setting up a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi is maintenance and managing the swimming pool to make the most of it in a faultless way. The first step toward the achievement of the goal is pool drain. After that, the water in the pool must be analyzed and examined in terms of chemical aspects and hygiene. Finally, the temperature for the water should be between 29 and 30 degrees of centigrade.

For filtration and setting the ideal temperature for water, pumps and heating equipment of the pool or Jacuzzi must be up and running 24 hours a day. This will terminate the chance of dirt sticking to the surface of the filters. Since water might spoil, facility technicians and containers of water must continuously check the quality of water and inject the righteous chemicals in the water whenever needed. Chlorine, for instance, is one of the essentials. The proper method of chlorinating pools and Jacuzzis should be done using chlorine generators and dosing pumps. The second method, which is also commonly used, involves adding chlorine manually and physically by individuals. Depending on the purity percentage of chlorine, it is injected into the pool and Jacuzzi water. It is worth mentioning that chlorine with 100% purity can be injected permanently into the water using specialized devices. For chlorine with a purity of less than 100%, it should be first dissolved in a container with a certain amount of water, and after settling, it should be injected into the pool and Jacuzzi water. Another substance used in the maintenance of the pool and Jacuzzi is aluminum sulfate. This chemical is used for cleaning and clarifying pool water and is commonly known as alum. Additionally, copper sulfate, also known as blue stone, is another chemical used in private and public pools. Nexalife company suggests that the maintenance, supply, and operation of residential pool complexes should be carried out by skilled technicians to ensure the guarantee of water quality and hygiene, creating suitable conditions for residents.