The first primary course on manager and lobby man training by Nexalife’s academy

In recent years, construction and use of residential, office, and commercial high-rises, and luxurious buildings, have expanded in Tehran. The residents and beneficiaries of such high-rises request not only the advanced protection of the infrastructures and their exclusive facilities as their wealth, but also an area of peace and security followed by having the maximum quality of welfare amenities.

Due to our responsibility, services such as maintenance and professional management of these complexes, require enhanced capabilities. Nexalife is an organization formed by experienced managers and experts in the fields of hospitality services, that provides the residents of luxury houses with adjusted services based on the experiences existing in this international industry, and five-star services in terms of managements.

This vision led Nexalife to found an academy; the purpose of the academy is to make the dream come true. A series of training courses have started for teaching the lobby men the crucial aspects of their job, and a general tutorial for managers.

Preparing the staff is a series of prescheduled activities provided by the organization in order to upgrade the knowledge and technical skills of the staff, which gives them the opportunity make the best of their position in ways of enhancing their skills and even learning new ones. All these result in the good of the organization.

There are some positions, management for instance, that require a really capable and well-trained individual. The mentioned person, must pass the qualifications, and be provided with outstanding courses.

With the intention of expanding job opportunities, Nexalife has invited the enthusiasts in these areas to participate in the courses on management and lobby man training, that are being held on 8th, 9th, 14th, and 16th of February, 2023.