Counseling and training

Receive professional consulting and specialized training in the fields of management of residential, commercial and office complexes by experts.

Providing office and legal infrastructures and editing instructions and executive methods​:

For the proper management of the complex and providing peace and comfort to the residents, it is necessary to respect the relations and rights of the residents. For this purpose, a set of guidelines such as statutes on how to use shared areas, statutes on renewing and decoration and several other guidelines should be prepared and communicated to all residents and set as the criteria for managing the complex. Also, forming assemblies (general assembly, board of directors) of the complex and shaping the organization and its management methods are essential. Nexalife has valuable experiences in this field.
Educating hosts and guides:

The lobby man is the guide of the residents and guests. When they are present in the lobby of the building, they are the link between the manager of the building and the residents ,and guarantee their peace, comfort and security. Therefore, it is expected that they fulfill their duties thoroughly.
Therefore, it is important to train them to know about rules and regulations of hosting, communication skills; features, facilities and welfare services of the shared areas of the building; security, health and safety issues about their job.
Educating managers of residential complexes:

 managing apartment complexes, especially in modern residential towers, where a significant part of the building floor area is dedicated to shared areas and welfare facilities, requires expertise and the acquisition of professional skills. Only professional managers can take care of the building as an asset of its residents by providing resources and organizing service employees to keep the building clean and tidy, follow up on administrative and legal issues, guide and receive the residents when they are admitted to the building, do financial affairs (incomes and expenses), take care of technical facilities and… . Therefore, the management of high-ranking residential complexes as a specialized profession has opened its place in the world of service businesses. Designing and holding training courses for managers of the complexes is one of Nexalife’s main areas of expertise.

Discipline is one of the most important needs of managing the complex, which should be maintained in all situations. Branding is a set of common principles and formats that have been approved by the employer and will be uniform in all situations of the complex, including staff uniforms, office items, equipment, etc.
Selling and renting units​:

Introducing the features and advantages of high-class and modern complexes to buyers or applicants for renting residential units and providing sales and rental advice to them by professional experts.